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Must-see kdramas

If you have watched all these dramas, then you can call yourself a k-drama lover, if not, you need to step up your game. Note that these are not written in any order. I have seen so many kdramas that I can't include everyone of them I have liked. These are just a few. 1. Sly and single again 2. Heirs(of course) 3. Faith 4. Cheondamdong Alice 5. I miss you 6. City Hunter 7. Personal taste 8. Rooftop prince 9. Spy myung wol 10. Dating Agency: Cyrano 11. School 2013 12. Bride of the century 13. My princess 14. Sungkyunkwan Scandal 15. Good doctor 16. Playful kiss 17. Boys before flowers 18. You are all surrounded 19. Monstar 20. To the beautiful you 21. You are beautiful 22. Baby-faced beauty 22. Flower boy next door 23. Lie to me You can comment below if you think I didn't include some very good ones. Keep calm and love kdramas! (These does not include new uncompleted ones like Pinocchio and birth of a beauty)
Oo, don't forget Flower Boy Ramyun Shop ^^ that was my first.
@cherryred I have seen faith and I liked it because it is lee min ho lol. I also liked sungkyunkwan scandal.
@JoyBabafemi you should watch LMH Faith & KSH The moon that embraces the sun...good story line, good costumes, plus real handsome actor :-)
I have seen a few of these but what about. Ice adonis, jumong, queen seonduk, Iron empress, I do I do, jewel of the palace??? I love kdrama. My big sis says I'm too obessed. whatever!! lol
@JoyBabafemi even it's just fantasia secret garden and master sun but I like the love stories. hhhhhh I think I miss be in love friend
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5URPRISE: The Actor Group
I wanted to share with you the 5 actors of the group 5URPRISE. They are an "actor" group under Fantagio Entertainment. The five members consist of Seo Kang Joon, Gong Myung, Lee Tae Hwan, Yoo Il, and Kang Tae Oh. Get to know the members and what dramas they've been in below! (I'm not including the movies they've been in. I will possibly make another card for that!) Yoo Il Stage Name: Yoo Il Real Name: Park Sang Il Position: Main Vocalist Birthday: January 11, 1990 Fun Fact: He's a former member of R-eal. Dramas: After School: Lucky or Not - Himself After School: Lucky or Not 2 - Himself Forever Young - Trainee/5URPRISE member To Be Continued - Support Role You Will Love Me - Support Role That Man Oh Soo - Park Min Ho (Support Role) Seo Kang Joon Stage Name: Seo Kang Joon Real Name: Lee Seung Hwan Position: Leader, Vocalist, Face of the Group Birthday: October 12, 1993 Fun Fact: He can play the piano. Dramas: To The Beautiful You - Guest Role Good Doctor - Guest Role After School: Lucky or Not - Himself The Suspicious Housekeeper - Choi Soo Hyuk (Support Role) Cunning Single Lady - Gook Seung Hyun (Main Role) What Happens to My Family - Yoon Eun Ho (Main Role) The Best Future - Choi Go (Main Role) Splendid Politics - Hong Joo Won (Main Role) To Be Continued - Support Role Cheese in the Trap - Baek In Ho (Main Role) Entertainer - Guest Role Entourage - Cha Yeong Bin (Main Role) Idol Fever - Support Role Are You Human Too - Nam Shin/Nam Shin 3 (Main Role) The Third Charm - On Joon Yeong (Main Role) Watcher - Kim Young Goon (Main Role) If the Weather is Nice, I Will Come Find You - Im Eun Seob (Upcoming Main Role) Something About Us - Han Woo Jin (Upcoming Main Role) Gong Myung Stage Name: Gong Myung Real Name: Kim Dong Hyun Position: Vocalist Birthday: May 26, 1994 Fun Fact: Kim Doyoung of NCT is his younger brother. Dramas: After School: Lucky or Not - Himself Infinite Power - Han Soo Dong (Support Role) After School: Lucky or Not 2 - Himself Forever Young - Trainee/5URPRISE member Splendid Politics - Ja Gyung (Support Role) Beautiful You - Tae Woo (Support Role) Entertainer - Kyle Lee/Lee Bang Geul (Support Role) Drinking Solo - Jin Gong Myung (Support Role) The Bride of Habaek - Bi Ryum/Ahn Bin (Main Role) Revoluntary Love - Kwon Je Hoon (Main Role) Feel Good to Die - Kang Jun Ho (Main Role) Be Melodramatic - Chu Jae Hoon (Main Role) Kang Tae Oh Stage Name: Kang Tae Oh Real Name: Kim Yool Hwan Position: Vocalist Birthday: June 20, 1994 Fun Fact: Him and Yooil are the shortest members. Dramas: The Clinic for Married Couples - Guest Role After School: Lucky or Not - Himself Miss Korea - Guest Role Twenty Years Old - Guest Role After School: Lucky or Not 2 - Himself Forever Young - Lee Jun Su (Main Role) Flower of the Queen - Heo Dong Goo (Support Role) To Be Continued - Support Role Twenty Again - Guest Role The Dearest Lady - Choi Young Gwang Forever Young 2 - Lee Jun Su (Main Role) You're Too Much - Lee Kyung Soo (Main Role) Short - Kang Ho Yeong (Main Role) That Man Oh Soo - Kim Jin Woo (Support Role) My First First Love - Choi Hoon (Main Role) My First First Love 2 - Choi Hoon (Main Role) The Tale of Nokdu - Cha Yool Mu/Grand Prince Neungyang (Main Role) Love With Flaws - Guest Role Lee Tae Hwan Stage Name: Lee Tae Hwan Real Name: Lee Tae Hwan Position: Maknae, Vocalist Birthday: February 21, 1995 Fun Fact: He is the only member who didn't change his name. Dramas: After School: Lucky or Not - Himself One Fine Day In October - Guest Role High School King of Savvy - Oh Tae Suk (Support Role) Pride and Prejudice - Kang Soo/Seo Tae Won (Main Role) After School: Lucky or Not 2 - Himself Forever Young - Trainee/5URPRISE member Splendid Politics - Gwang Hae (Guest Role) Thumping Spike - Baek Woo Jin (Support Role) Please Come Back, Mister - Choi Seung Jae (Support Role) W - Seo Do Yoon (Support Role) Father, I'll Take Care of You - Han Sung Joon (Main Role) My Golden Life - Sun Woo Hyuk (Main Role) What's Wrong With Secretary Kim - Lee Sung Yeon (Support Role) Your House Helper - Support Role Farming Academy - Ha Joo Seok (Main Role) Farming Academy 2 - Ha Joo Seok (Upcoming Main Role) Touch - Kang Do Jin (Upcoming Main Role) - Have you watched any of their dramas? - Asian Drama/Movie Taglist: @KendraReeve @travelloveskin @MelissaGarza @KpopIsPleasing @LostMage @2ilVer @LinnyOk @rocklvr @VeronicaArtino @Just2BLoved @Kyla05 If you'd like to be tagged in any of my Asian drama/actor stuff please let me know!
The Tale of Nokdu (Korean Drama Recommendation)
Episodes: 32 (30 Minute Episodes) Genre: Action, Historical, Comedy, Romance Other Genre Tags (listed on MDL): Cross-Dressing, Orphan Female Lead, Joseon Dynasty, Strong Female Lead, Smart Female Lead, Smart Male Lead, Double Identity, Strong Male Lead, Hidden Personality, First Love Rating: 15 + Where to Watch: Viki Status: Completed Airing on November 25, 2019 Main Cast: Jang Dong Yoon, Kim So Hyun, Kang Tae Oh Synopsis: Jeon Nok Du lives on an island with his father and older brother. He is smart and a good swordsman. Since he was little, his father did not let him study or go to the mainland. One day, his father and older brother are attacked by a group of female assassins. Jeon Nok Du chases after one of the assassins to the capital. During that time, Jeon Nok Du meets Dong DongJu. She wants to shoot the King with her arrow, but Jeon Nok Du saves her from trouble. Meanwhile, the assassin that Jeon Nok Du chases goes into a widowed village. To find out who and why his family was attacked, Jeon Nok Du disguises himself as a woman and enters the widow village. There, he meets Dong Dong Ju again. She is an apprentice to become a gisaeng. (Sources: Asianwiki & MyDramaList) My Remarks: So far it's really funny! If you liked Moonlight Drawn By Clouds you'd probably like this drama. Or if you liked To The Beautiful You. Last Drama Recommendation: Extraordinary You - - Asian Drama/Movie Taglist: @KendraReeve @travelloveskin @MelissaGarza @KpopIsPleasing @LostMage @2ilVer @LinnyOk @rocklvr @VeronicaArtino @Just2BLoved @Kyla05 If you'd like to be tagged in any of my Asian drama/actor stuff please let me know!
My Top 10 K-Dramas of 2019
So it's getting close to the end of the year and I've managed to make a list of the top 10 k-dramas I watched from 2019. I don't think I'll watch anymore 2019 dramas and have them finished by the end of the year (but I might, if so I'll update this list.) These are listed from my least to most favorite of the year. It only includes Korean Dramas, and Korean Dramas released in 2019 only. SPOILERS WILL BE PRESENT IN MY REVIEWS SO PLEASE DO NOT READ IF YOU DON'T LIKE SPOILERS! So, let's get started! [10] The Crowned Clown Episodes: 16 (Hour long episodes) Genre: Romance, Historical, Drama, Political, Melodrama Main Cast: Yeo Jin Goo, Lee Se Young, Kim Sang Kyung Find the Drama Synopsis Here My Review: This drama started out so well! I love Yeo Jingoo and Lee Seyoung as actors and they are amazing. However, halfway through this the drama turned boring to me. I can't remember which episode it's around but the King Lee Hun dies and Ha Sun takes over officially. Once the real King was dead it just went South for me. The King was a dick but I was really hoping he'd change his ways etc. Nonetheless this drama still made it onto my list because of the first few episodes! (And I haven't watched too many dramas this year!) [9] Vagabond Episodes: 16 (Hour long episodes) Genre: Action, Suspense, Thriller, Romance, Crime, Melodrama, Investigation Main Cast: Lee Seung Gi, Bae Suzy, Shin Sung Rok Find the Drama Synopsis Here. My Review: This is actually the first drama by Lee Seunggi I've watched and I really like him. Suzy shocked me in this, I was not a fan of her in While You Were Sleeping but I really like her role in this drama. I was honest to god shocked to see Shin Sung Rok play a character that is not a villain for once. I swear any drama I see him in he's always a bad guy. This drama was really good! However, the ending is why this is at the #9 place on my list and not higher. I know Netflix is banking on a Season 2 but come on what kind of ending was that? [8] Love Alarm Episodes: 8 (Hour long episodes) Genre: Romance, Friendship, Comedy, School, Drama Main Cast: Kim So Hyun, Song Kang, Jung Ga Ram Find the Drama Synopsis Here. My Review: Listen because of this drama I am trash for Song Kang. He's too cute. I was rooting and am still rooting for him. I didn't like how he went after his best friend's crush and eventually started dating her but dear lord they were cute together! I was so upset whenever the typical K-drama thing happened and they got in an accident and suddenly she couldn't be with anymore. The reason this takes the #8 on the list is once again because of the ending. Netflix stop doing the seasons thing, the reason I like K-dramas is because everything is wrapped up nicely at the end! We'll see if Season 2 can save this drama! [7] Everything and Nothing Sorry no subs in the teaser! Episodes: 4 (30 Minute episodes) Genre: Romance, Youth, Melodrama Main Cast: Park Shi Eun, Yoon Chan Young Find the Drama Synopsis Here. My Review: The synopis doesn't do this short drama justice. It was okay but nothing ground breaking. It was nice to see non-typical Korean Drama characters in this. Plus Park Shieun and Yoon Chanyoung are such talented young actors! [6] Abyss Episodes: 16 (Hour long episodes) Genre: Romance, Suspense, Mystery, Comedy, Law, Fantasy, Detective, Investigation Main Cast: Park Bo Young, Ahn Hyo Seob Find the Drama Synopsis Here. My Review: I love love love Park Boyoung and Ahn Hyoseob. So I really looked forward to this drama and it wasn't a disappointment until near the end. Some of the stuff that occurs near the end just seems dumb and I think if this drama were shortened even just 2 episodes the drama would've been better off. It was too long and not even solid plot that made sense to keep it going for 16 episodes. Boyoung and Hyoseob definitely carried this drama though! [5] Moment of Eighteen Episodes: 16 (Hour long episodes) Genre: Romance, School, Friendship, Drama, Youth, Life, Family Main Cast: Ong Seong Woo, Kim Hyang Gi, Shin Seung Ho, Kang Ki Young Find the Drama Synopsis Here. My Review: This drama reminded me very much of the School series dramas. If you like them you'd definitely like this drama. Again the only thing I had a problem with was the typical rich mother disapproving of her kid's significant other due to different Social Classes. The drama drug near the end but was otherwise a decent drama. The ending is predictable. [4] Kill It Episodes: 12 (Hour long episodes) Genre: Action, Thriller, Mystery, Crime, Drama, Detective, Tragedy Main Cast: Nana, Jang Ki Yong, Noh Jung Eui Find the Drama Synopsis Here. My Review: A beautiful drama. This is a slight bit of romance too but nothing that overshadows the real plot. I truly at some points had no idea what was going to happen next, it could be unpredictable at times which is always a good thing. Though some things were predictable. However, the most unpredictable is it's tragic ending, I truly didn't see it coming but Soohyun (Ki Yong) dies and it broke my heart! But it made the drama that much more impactful. It was the perfect length episode-wise too! [3] Angel's Last Mission: Love Episodes: 32 (30 Minute episodes) Genre: Comedy, Romance, Drama, Fantasy, Supernatural Main Cast: L, Shin Hye Sun, Lee Dong Gun, Kim Bo Mi Find the Drama Synopsis Here. My Review: It was beautiful but tragic. I cannot believe tragedy is not listed as a genre of this drama. I was hooked from beginning to end. I do think it could've been shorter and parts of the drama could've been shortened. Nonetheless it was still great! [2] The Tale of Nokdu Episodes: 32 (30 Minute episodes) Genre: Action, Historical, Comedy, Romance Main Cast: Jang Dong Yoon, Kim So Hyun, Kang Tae Oh Find the Drama Synopsis Here. My Review: This drama, boy, how do I start? It was near perfection. I am not a huge historical drama fan but dear god was this drama so good. I thought for sure that I'd be disappointed at the end and I was for probably one episode but then the ending happened where Neungyang came to kill the King again and he set the Queen free per the King's wishes and she got to go to the island where Nokdu and Dongju lived. It was beautiful. The drama is true to it's comedy genre in the beginning and for most of the drama but near the end the comedy disappears until the last episode which is a given since a rebellion happened. If it weren't for the how trash I was for the drama below this one it would've been first on my list. I will miss Nokdu and Dongju and the women of the Widow village a lot! [1] Extraordinary You Episodes: 32 (30 Minute episodes) Genre: Friendship, Romance, Comedy, School, Drama, Fantasy Main Cast: Kim Hye Yoon, Ro Woon, Lee Jae Wook, Lee Na Eun, Jung Gun Joo, Kim Young Dae Find the Darma Synopsis Here. My Review: I freaking loved this drama. I was hooked from the very beginning until the end. I truly think the drama should've either been extended one more episode or they should've cut down on some of the filler scenes in the middle of the drama. The ending felt rushed and unsatifying but overall the ending stayed true to the plot so it wasn't terrible! I will definitely miss Danoh, Haru, Dohwa, Jooda and even Namjoo and Kyung's characters. This drama was truly beautiful! - What is your favorite drama of 2019? - Asian Drama/Movie Taglist: @KendraReeve @travelloveskin @MelissaGarza @KpopIsPleasing @LostMage @2ilVer @LinnyOk @rocklvr @VeronicaArtino @Just2BLoved @Kyla05 If you'd like to be tagged in any of my Asian drama/actor stuff please let me know!