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well skateboard can't go long downhill or long slide and do dancing on longboard. longboard is the best! #fresh #dope #longboardlover
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@Conton34 it piss me off when people say longboard is gay even tho they never ridden one and why judge other people what u ride.
@KacperKania Haha yeah man I know what your saying. So many people around think that longboarding is just cruising.
both are cool it's not that which is dope and fresh ..it's just the dick headed people bragging they're like putting fences the world is diverse sorted differently so either longboards or skateboard or anything that's on.. it's great. it's just the "bragging monkeys"
I like both skateboards and longboards. I started out with a skateboard but I moved on to longboards because they seem more fun.
I use to like skateboard but not very good at it and then I bought my first ever longboard at Wal-Mart it was pretty good for 4month and when I fell my board went flying down and hit a random front bumper so run down pick the board and look at the car seem fine started to run away and figure it out my board crack in half so cheap