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I ordered Otang Moronga 72.5mm 86a 35mm contact patch, but the skate shop sent me Otang Cage 73mm 86a 41.5mm contact patch. Should I return this or keep it? I have the 80a Moronga, and liked it so much so I asked for the 86a. Just worried about the contact patch for sliding on the Cage.
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No problem. It's good to be curious, and never be afraid to try a new piece of gear. Might be the game changer
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I've ridden Keanu's and kilmers, both were fun. I don't see why the cage would be bad. Send it back if you want but morangas aren't that great tbh.
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I like the Moronga @Agek! I have the orange 80a Morongas!
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you can always core and buy more.
3 years ago·Reply
@skatehi619 true true
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