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Advice on my wheels

I ordered Otang Moronga 72.5mm 86a 35mm contact patch, but the skate shop sent me Otang Cage 73mm 86a 41.5mm contact patch. Should I return this or keep it? I have the 80a Moronga, and liked it so much so I asked for the 86a. Just worried about the contact patch for sliding on the Cage.
@skatehi619 true true
you can always core and buy more.
I like the Moronga @Agek! I have the orange 80a Morongas!
They're actually both rounded and center set. Ergh! It really comes down to contact patch for me. The Cage looks much wider.
I've ridden Keanu's and kilmers, both were fun. I don't see why the cage would be bad. Send it back if you want but morangas aren't that great tbh.
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