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I read this really great article on tips to make the software hiring process more inclusive. Personally I can agree that some companies, especially start-ups can make these type of impressions...and perhaps they don't realize it. I went to an informational session for a Data Mining startup the other day and felt 100% out of place. The employee giving the presentation kept raving about how fun it was to work at the company...that they had all the food, had a gaming room, human foosball, and the he met the best "bros" there. I'm not even exaggerating here. As a women hoping to have a career in a technical field, it was upsetting. The company looked interesting, but the culture was definitely not something I felt comfortable with. Here are the 6 ways companies can scare off Technical women: 1. Open Source Only 10% of open source developers are women...there is a history of women not feeling comfortable or choosing not to do open source. Unless the job position absolutely requires open source experience, it is better not to mention it. 2. Job Description Make sure not to use masculine language in job descriptions to keep them as gender neutral as possible. Some bad examples are: "The Streaming Server team seeks a Senior Software Craftsman to join us in our bold efforts to…" "If you are an IT guy looking to get in on a promising start-up, then this is the start-up for you..." 3. Company Photos Try not to show pictures of only "bros" in your company website. It is the primary source for researching the company for most job applicants. Again, gender neutrality is preferable. 4. Referrals Don't rely only on referrals from your employees for new hires...most likely they will be recommending someone who is like themselves. To increase diversity in your team get creative and advertise the job in different sources, such as websites for women in technology. 5. Interviews If possible, make sure your interview team is not dominated by men. You want women applicants to be able to imagine themselves working at your company. 6. Sacrifice Quality Don't lower the bar for female candidates and expect less from them. Have job interviews the same for both genders. What are your thoughts, do you thinks these tips are helpful?
@techatheart, oh you mean the open source communities? Well yes, many of them resemble good ol gentlemen clubs, I'm afraid...
I am quite surprised by the open source stats. Why do you think is that? Why would women be less comfortable with open source?
@orenshani7 Oh yes, I should have specified Open source development
@orenshani7 I found that stat in the attached article...I think it must be intimidation and not enough women in those communities to inspire them