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Wow, now even the social media giant, Snapchat, is joining in the virtual payment industry. What has the world come to? More importantly what is up with their ad? (watch on slide 2). I'm seriously confused. Anyway, the way Snapcash works is that you simply start typing and when you use the dollar sign "$" it will know you are trying to send money. You connect your debit/credit card and viola! Money is sent to your long as they are signed up as well. I don't know - knowing that teenagers are obsessed with snapchat, I'm scared to even think about what they would use this for...
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Snapchat sure as hell ain't getting my credit card info
Can they compete with vemeo?
totally for prostitution
@fallingwater I agree. Transferring money via bank mobile apps is super easy too, I wouldn't do it through snapchat. @TrueBruin hmm, vimeo the website? @Azzy19 you read my mind....sort of. This is what I fear...what if people start sending money for nude photos? I don't even want to think about it...
@Azzy19 read my mind. what friends are gonna be sendin cash thru here? cmon