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No Min Woo kara: park gyuri Kwak Ji Min Jewelry's Kim Eun Jung Supernova's Jung Yoon Hak My Regrettable Boyfriend focuses on the romance between an honest man who can only tell the truth and a woman who has the habit of lying as she pleases. No Min Woo plays Yoon Tae Un, a character who is like the Little Prince. Yang Jin Sung plays Yoo Ji Na, who is starting her career in a new company. Park Gyu Ri will be playing Hong Yeo Joo, the femme fatale intern with a privileged background. Kwak Ji Min takes on the role of Hye Mi, who is a troublemaker intern. Jung Yoon Hak plays Hee Chul, who is a manager of the advertisement agency. Kim Eun Jung plays Julia, a strange girl who has just returned from studying abroad. The drama premieres in January.