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Intel revealed their smart cuff called "My Intelligent Communication Accessory," aka MICA. It is a collaboration with the fashion brand Opening Ceremony. Features include receiving, dismissing, and replying to text messages, email, Facebook, and Google notifications. There are also smart reminders such as time required to get to a location depending on your device's location. It has a 2 day battery life and is charged with a micro-USB connection. The most interesting thing, though, is that this device does not work via bluetooth. Instead, it works via an AT&T data plan ( a 2 year data plan is included with your purchase.) I'm not sure how I feel about this. I like that new wearables are coming out for women, but this design is a bit too much for me. I think I would be more excited if it had a more minimalist design and had more tech features. The MICA will be available in the US early December at select Barneys locations, the NY and LA Opening Ceremony stores, online at, and at
@techatheart I'm sure Google will deliver!
@DanteL Actually, There have been some purses that have come out. I think they're just charge stations, though lol @ChickenNrice that's what I'm hoping. not all women want fashionable jewelry, so I hope someone designs a good wearable with women in a moto 360 with a smaller screen. that thing would look huge on my wrist!
What's next a smart purse? Soon everything will be smart damn
@ChickenNrice I hope so! I think depending on the response they get, maybe even intel would work on it
The data plan thing kills it. Those corporate bastards. I hope Google comes out with a better one that works via bluetooth