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On the topic of getting to know everyone in the community better again. What things do you guys do with your time besides longboard? I know some of you like Pokemon so I'd guess some of you play the games or collect cards. What about other card games or sports? Some of the other things I do when I'm not cruising around town are, 1. Collect and play various card games I have Pokemon, Yu GI Oh!, and Magic. 2. Gaming (mostly Nintendo don't hate, but also getting into PC gaming) play Pokemon games, smash bros., Monster hunter, Final Fantasy, Starcraft, and etc.. 3. Paintball it's fun and I'm getting into it expensive though. 4. And watch anime. 5. I want to learn to blacksmith. Blacksmithing is awesome making tools, armor, and weapons it's a dream of mine.
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I play videogames and Ive always wanted to learn woodworking so I could make my own boards. little bit of writing to
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i actually play no video games, ik im a looser just the way i was brought up, but yea i do mma and i rock climb and hike, really im just an all out outdoor person haha
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@BenAronov nah man that's cool and those are all cool things I've wanted to try doing!
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thanks man dude if ur looking for something fun to do wait for the weather to be nice again and go ROCK SCRAMBLING, its like for ppl who want to rock climb but dont know where to start. i still do it my self, dude u fell like a ninga its sick u go through rocks and stuff lol
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I play a little guitar & until this year coached hs football (I love football)!
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