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it can true ot nah
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I don't get what your post means, the pictures are ads for a boardshop.
@steezus not really a advertising the first is saying we got thing for you when u need thing and second one is like longboard make u better performance
It is advertising man I took a marketing class lol I know advertising when I see it even if I got a D+ in the class. It says "we've got all your longboarding needs." Who is "we"? They're the people selling boards lol. And picture number two is also an ad, for some board company (idk which one) but it know for a fact that EVERY longboard isn't built with precision so this board company obviously prides themselves on that quality so they made an ad about it (:
picture #1 is more true than anything, I want to downhill and I love cruising
@steezus u are this is still good post like legend it sound good to me but iduno about u