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Snowboarding help?!
After longboarding every single day (some exceptions) up until the first snowfall of the year, I've been interested into picking up on snowboarding. Keep in mind, I have roughly 5% of knowledge on this sport, and of that 5% includes that longboarding and snowboarding are quite similar. I have a ton to learn, and I figured this would be a great place to start. I'm looking online and everything is so expensive, which is making me even more lost. Help would be much appreciated! Thank you(:
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Haha it appears so! I'm stoked about this winter!
3 years ago·Reply
same I'm gonna use my Longboard skis that I just got but there is not enough snow yet to try them
3 years ago·Reply
Sweet! I've looked into those, but I'd be worried about the snow melting on the grip tape. Or is that not a problem?
3 years ago·Reply
@EmilySalzsieder I'd be more worried about the snow/moisture starting breaking down the glue and cause the plies of wood to start to delaminate.
3 years ago·Reply
True, true, @TeamWaffles!
3 years ago·Reply