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Different GoPro Mounts
I've used a pole and a helmet mount, but I'm looking for other perspectives. Check out the pics of different mounts. I like the idea of the 2nd one, but idk how safe that is if you fall. If you've tried any of them, let's hear a review.
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I'm planning on just using a pole, but if not that I'd probably use pic #3. That looks like a good angle.
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I'd just use on that clamps to the front on ur helmet
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The pole offers a *really* good angle. However, it's wildly inconvenient and possibly unsafe lolol. Maybe I'll post a video of my test run with it later on.
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I like #3 as well! The guy has it mounted on the back end, which would be safe, I think.
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I'd hate to beef it wearing #2
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