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I am lying over the cold sand at beach, and waching the stars. I can hear the sound of waves hitting the beach. I bring my hand to my forehead. With my thumb and pointing finger, like holding a sand, I am taking it out slowly and gently. I don't want it to be harmed. It is so light, floating on air. It is like holding a jellyfish under the sea. I thinked it has no weight untill i hold it, but I notice that it has a gratifyingly perfect weight. It challenges to the gravity, perhaps because it has been here before the gravity. I hold out my hand slowly to the sky. It's so funny to watch its soaring in my hand. I'm smiling. It is not resisting at all. It is fully attuning to all my directions. I'm holing out my hand as much as i can, and at the top point i am separating my fingers very gently. It is soaring up slowly. It's going, going and going... The light, which was dim at first, increasingly getting stronger. As if it collects strength from each element on its path. As if i can catch it if i hold out my hand. While i was waiting it to disapper when moving away, it is becoming brighter and staying there. I am smiling slightly. How couldn't i notice this before? Stars. When we look to the sky, we see the movements of the stars. We think that this is because of the light movements. But, they are not just stars. They are us, a part of our souls. I am so happy that i am leaving new starlets to the sky during all the night. I am leaving one only for you. One day, If you learn how to leave stars, leave yours next to mine. They will bring us together.
I really love the imagery, but I think I'm missing something: what is it that you are holding and playing with? Is it the lights we produce?
I like it! keep writing :)
@OmerTurco Ah, I see now: I wasn't able to fully understand when I first read. I think this is a bit complex.
But, they are not just stars. They are us, a part of our souls.