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I actually support this. College students that ride longboards and doesn't now how to stop should either learn to footbrake or invest in these. No, stop slamming into walls, my body isn't a cushion for you either.
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Foot brake fa dayz... It's free! I will take my upgrade! Mac n Cheese please? Lol
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footbrak!?!?!? but that will ruin my shoes!
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I can't even tell you how many idiots didn't learn how to longboard before college and now they don't know how to stop and run into cyclists. Fully support brakes.
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That is a great thought but I have a hard time believing people that dumb are willing to get safety gear or brakes in the first place. :( plus what happens when their brakes fail and they are going at speeds that could really hurt them? I think knowing your limits is best! @tristendamon
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