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i get a bit bored living in korea as a teenager who goes to an english school and cant speak korean but no today i met some eng speakin tourists while walking my puppie called {busan} odd name i now but the puppie was allready called that . miss being back home in india
View more comments's a small town but isn't actually's a hub..but the greenery is well preserved so the aerial view kinda doesn't show the city..
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@iqra, how long have you been in Korea? @neaa, ohh my bad! But very beautiful, I live in Sydney suburbs so "my city" is Sydney and Darling Harbour etc.
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wow...i always wanted to go to australia.. and p.s. i love brett lee!!
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3 to 2 years ive been livin in korea but i still didnt bother learning korean lol :} :]
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try learning..might be fun
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