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PSA: The Snowboarding Community is giving away a snowboard!!!
Hey everybody, I helped out @TeamWaffles make some graphics for a giveaway they are doing in the snowboarding community. It doesn't seem to be doing that well so there is pretty much a free snowboard up for grabs. You might want to think about joining the snowboarding community if you want to get in on that prize. Here's the link to @TeamWaffles' card: http://www.vingle.net/posts/579744-WIN-A-FREE-SNOWBOARD
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that'd be nice yo have a snow board
3 years ago·Reply
snowboarding in Florida is rad
3 years ago·Reply
Cop me that snowboard
3 years ago·Reply
If I won could I just mount trucks on it and ride it like a longboard? Jk
3 years ago·Reply
If we ever find out who wins.. the wait is killin me. Dx
3 years ago·Reply