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Oh Im sorry, I didnt realize that LONGBOARDING IS ILLEGAL. lmao seriously, what is this cop saying. It is not illegal. He cant even bring up the law that states it. He just dodges it. I smell....bullshit Longboarding Police: Papakura Special:
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@ApolloSkating A cop once pulled me over on the road and told me I'd be better off on the sidewalk. That was because there was heavy traffic though so that was understandable. Another time I was on a sidewalk and a cop told me I can't because it was a no skating zone and there was a sign I missed. Other than hours of heavy traffic or certain areas that are no skate zones, it's not illegal here. Now there are certain towns in NY where skating is completely banned. That's not uncommon, which may be the case for where you live. You'll have to double check with your local town laws, but its not illegal all together.
@ApolloSkating my town has skateboarding/Longboarding completely banned unless you are at the skate park. A friend of mine asked what if he built his own on his property and the cop said that's still illegal.
Most of the cops don't care though it's only a few that do
Well I was skating on a highway and a cop was like. "I don't care. Just stay in this lane" lol I got a cool cop on my street