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And the awesome parent award goes to....... Mike Wilson transformed himself into Spiderman (faking an American accent and all!) to surprise his Spiderman-loving son, Jayden on his birthday. Jayden was diagnosed with a grade 4 brain stem tumor last September. At the time, doctors said the boy had about a year to live. In the end, the super birthday surprise was perfect. “I’m so proud I managed to do this for him,” said Wilson, “Today [Jayden] is still with us fighting [his illness] all the way, but at least he has Spider-Man to take care of him.”
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@mikerosa92 Haha yeah his accent started slipping a bit but I don't think Jayden would have noticed, he was so shocked :)
This made my day! What an awesome dad!
I'm so glad they got it on film, this will be such a fun memory for everyone!
How wonderful!! This is so nice - you should definitely share it with the Parenting community as well.
Thats pretty badass! awesome dad