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I can hear the creakings of the campfire, like a spark in the noisy silence of the forest. I am looking up to the sky. I can see all the stars, planets, galaxies one by one. They are all like thousands of tiny stars that i put on the wall of my room. I am holding out my hand. I think i can not reach, but i am trying. Now i know that nothing is impossible. I can do anything i want if i really want. I close my hand, as if i caught a star. I really want to catch it. I am separating my fingers gently. I don't want it to escape, if i catched it. The light coming through my fingers is dazzling my eyes. That strong light in this darkness. I am scared that if it burns or damages my hand. But, i am feeling only happiness for catching it. Than i realize that we all are the different reflections of the same energy. In other words, that light, star is me and i am that star. Then, it is time to reunion. I am bringing my hand slowly to my mouth and inhaling the star with one strong but slow breath. I can feel the renewal of each cell of my body. My blood began to flow more quickly. The energy is spreading to my body, and i can feel every moment of it. When i look at my hand, i can see that the lines in my palm are more deep and bright. As if my life, head, heart and fate lines are redrawn. There are no cracks, two sides or grayed lines any more. Everything is so clear. I am watching the redrawing of my fate lane in front of my eyes. A fate that is redrawn with happiness. Light is completely filling up my body and beginning to owerflow outside. My tears are involuntary, not stopping. For the first time, involuntarily i am crying because of happiness for minutes. Excellent feeling. Each drop seeping over my cheeks is the proof of my happiness. I can not imagine any other thing which can cause this. And by giving my breath out, i am exhaling back to the sky the energy that is trying to leave my body with tears. But this time not as a single star, as a dust cloud of stars. Night turns into daylight. A perfect cycle. Energy constantly changes shape and place, but never decreases, even multiplies.
@OmerTurco You're always making me think; thank you!
"we all are the different reflections of the same energy." it is not going to or coming from anywhere, it's always here, waiting for us to find it. @onesmile
There are so many interesting inspections in this piece. The ways that we view the universe, and the universe might view us, become apparent. I'd love to read each of these paragraphs in a longer formed piece of their own: good topics.
I'm really lost in the sensory detail of this :( I don't know where the energy is going, or where its coming from!