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So today I didn't get a whole lot of riding in but I do have my bearing necklace to share with you guys and I changed my trucks up a bit. This necklace is kind of a totem of mine and I love it so much. I used the have the Calibers on Sloth (Sector 9) and those independents on Grizzly (Landyachtz) I switched them up and I like this set up a little better than the older
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better maul the streets with that landyachtz board and them killer bear trucks
3 years ago·Reply
haha o tried to make a bearing ring but it was to small lmao
3 years ago·Reply
@original99 I made one and I have to wear it on my pinky finger
3 years ago·Reply
@AndrewVollmar I want some bear trucks so much
3 years ago·Reply
I feel ur pain lol
3 years ago·Reply