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I think I may have some issues with being OCD... You know you're a lost case when you design your own desktop icons... I didn't like any of the icon sets out there - I really wanted something that was shape-based so I could keep OS folders, libraries, and active work folders separate while making them immediately recognizable. I played around a little and came up with these. I've added some new ones. But basically - you get the idea. I've attached a screen cap of my desktop. I have dual monitors that's why the size is so large. I run dual 1920x1200 monitors.
I designed them in Photoshop - 600x600px at 300dpi - then used a free program called iConvert Icons to convert them to Windows .ico format in the current 250x250px size. You can then change the icons by editing the properties of the original folders and then create shortcuts from those. For system folders you go into your control panel and change the "personalization" properties for your desktop. There's a dialog box that allows you to add and replace icons for your recycle bin, computer, control panel, etc... I run the 64-bit version of Windows-7 and there's a weird glitch that causes the refresh on the recycle bin to not work properly if you change the icons from the default. So that's the only icon I haven't changed.
Wow, I honestly never thought about doing this before, what a great idea! Do you just create shortcuts and change the icon?
This is so smart XD I want to make my desktop and phone look a little more "fun," if you will~~ great idea @JonPatrickHyde
This is great! I have a friend who does this with her phone - its so funny!
Huh! Thanks @JonPatrickHyde I'm gonna try it XD I have windows 8 though (yikes) so I'll have to check that it works the same.