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There are sometimes where football transcends itself into something more meaningful, such as the case with the Costa Rica squad from the World Cup. Conversely there are sometimes where football can be ugly. The scenes from Sunday's Euro 2016 Qualifier between Italy & Croatia is one of those times. During the second half, with both teams knotted at 1-1, flares were thrown onto the pitch from the away section and the match was delayed about seven to ten minutes while the flares smoked out/were put out and the crowd put back under control. This is not the first case this qualifying campaign, as the Serbia-Albania match was abandoned when a drone was flown from the crowd carrying a political statement that, when torn down by one of the players, caused an uproar including the hurling of projectiles and a pitch invasion. FIFA generally has to stamp this out, but the inability of the global body to do so, mixed with it's own incompetency means that this qualifying campaign is surely destined to be marked by another ugly event.