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alright, i just need some advice on wheels. This summer im spending 7 weeks in Connecticut and the roads there are exquisite. Freaking awesome. So far iv really been using 82a-83a. But im looking for some serious downhill wheels. Anybody have any advice on brands, size, or hardness i shpuld run?
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@BenKaplan Probably has to do with the urethane. Muirskate wheels were made to be cheap, and not the best of wheels
3 years ago·Reply
@Shulace muirskate wheels are cheap, some would consider them cheating wheels because of how easy they slide, speed is going to be helpful @BenKaplan
3 years ago·Reply
haha they are just the wheels that came with the Tessy. I might just use them to get better at sliding then switch over to my blood oranges
3 years ago·Reply
honestly it seems like some of the FINEST wheels to ride downhill with are the Kegels. just my opinion
3 years ago·Reply
then again, I'm more into freeride and sliding
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