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Shapes are flying around me. Actually they are not flying, as if the whole world actually made up of shapes. Everything is so clear and bright. As the wheels of a machine. A whole, consisting of repetitive movements one after another, that each is energizing the other. In fact, a single energy. Square, circle, ellipse, cylinder, all geometric shapes are coming through from inside of each other. Shiny metallic gray, but I have never seen such a bright one. As if all the other colors wants to go out, but the grey does not allow this. I have never seen so clear before. It's like the big bang. All the colors, lights and movements are being born again through each other. The main source of energy is so strong, that this cycle does not end at all. I feel the source inside. Actually, i am the source. I never knew that i was that strong. But the power is not under my control. I am just an audience, the only one. I need to share this with others, but how? Writing is not enough, because I'm having these feelings for the first time and I do not know how to put these into words. They didn't teach me the words to describe them, in any language i know. Maybe i can find an equivalence in sign language.
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There are a lot of interesting positive/negative juxtapositions. "I feel the source inside. Actually, I am the source." and so on. Clearly, our narrator is in a learning environment.