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Japanese artist Yoshitoshi Kanemaki carves each of these life-sized figures from a single piece of wood. They are portrayed realistically, but Kanemaki gives his sculptures something quite unique - multiple faces. Every piece of his artwork features two or more expressions that are merged to make one form. To craft this work, Kanemaki carves and chips away at a large log. The bark is stripped from it, and he sketches the form onto the wood. From there, he transforms the material into a smooth surface that is able to capture the details of the human body.
These are so trippy and yet I want all of them.
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@danidee same here, I like that it is so trippy. makes me think of living life in slow motion...
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@danidee @TechAtHeart Not quite in one image, but not quite in the last moment, either. Very cool!
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