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German artist Matthieu Bourel works in collage to create characters and scenes that we’ve never seen before. In his series titled Duplicity Serie, he takes vintage photographs and arranges them multiple times over a single composition. Bourel writes that he’s interested in the “power of images and their combinations,” and he certainly shows us this in his creative series. Just by replicating aspects of one photograph, you can reveal new and strange qualities. I find some of these fun, while others are really eerie. What do you all think?
The 3rd and 7th ones are my favorite!
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some are creepy but cool idea i appreaciate it
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Hmm, love this. The nerd inside me likes the fact that this reminds me of time series graphs...which, when you think about, these people look like they are transcending time
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I enjoy the series, they are pretty awesome looking. I just don't know if I can fully jump on board with the artists reasoning for it. Maybe if the purpose was a little more explained I'd like it better. Just personal preference though!
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