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the king and the queen..and Lee Min Ho oppa (^__^)
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dae man, deok man, CY, the king n queen and ES ^_^ OH NDA WHITE HAIRED DOODE, he makes me lawf so muj, at his hair... so manga like :)
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choi yound, eun soo, king, and ki cheol I love his attitude when he gets so frantic about the heaven's door.
5 years ago·Reply
I like the queen a lot! Ep 12 she's cool , asking what the normal woman did wen her husband Full of worries...hahhahaha!love that scene...
5 years ago·Reply
kim jong-moon as oh dae-man have a super cute rule i like him when i always forgotten whats the general told him! hahah dr.jang is cool and the queen too..
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