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i remember someone posted about using vaseline as lube for their bearings...was that forreals and does it work well???
You should message me on any questions you have because you seem to be mislead. I've been around the block and know what works so message me @pangzoo10
Get cheetah oil, it's super fast. And don't use Vaseline for your pivot cups, use ski wax. Rub it on your hangar pin and shave a little off and put it in your pivot cup.
vaseline is better for other purposes i guess. im using sector 9 butters, and although the container is uber small, works great. only 5 bucks
Ive heard of people doing that. I wouldn't suggest it cause youre gonna attract more dirt n shit to your bearings.
ive seen really good methods used to lube bearings but i recently juss saw a post bout the vaseline and was juss curious thats all..but i will deff hit u up with questions sometimes @Agek thanks!
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