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Whats your guys worst fear of riding downhill besides faceplanting mine is running into a car and getting hit...
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Had a frigging dog chasing me once... hit this hill a few times and at the end of the run this dog on his leash would go nuts I just turned around every time and kept going. My last time down he broke his leash and chased me down the street. I just knew he was gonna trip me up or take a bite outta me but he couldn't catch me thank goodness. Had to go somewhere else though. Perfect hill too, long downward slope after a steep start and a sweet curve that ended into another short rise so you could slow down and then use the short rise to get a good ways back without having to walk up the whole thing. On a dead end street with no traffic...stupid dog!
But yeah falling while going fast and getting hit by a car are the worst I guess. I've had one car run me into a construction site, they cut me off from my turn down another street by being impatient and passing me. I had to stay straight and was going too fast to avoid the mess in the road so I plowed into wet cement and sand. It threw me off and I ran it out with my board running beside me I had to kick it twice while running to keep from stepping on it and falling. Board ended up with cement all over it and scratches. Not a good moment lol.
My worst fear is that I would be going to fast and wouldn't be able to stop or slow down then hit like a tree or something
my absolute fear is falling but besides face planting id have to say running into someone or running into a car
I'm scared of hitting cars, flying off the side of a hill, speed wobbles at high speed, and I think that's about it