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I was reading up on this on how to clean ur bearings..this person placed his bearings in a water bottle, filled it with windex, and microwaved it...has anyone tried this method? is it safe? does it work? im scared to try this...
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what..microwave? what? i bet he was one of the people who got fooled into microwaving their iphones for godsakes
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Never put metal in a microwave. It basically causes an explosion.
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ive used citrus cleaners before and they work pretty good to me havent had n e problems with it @original99 :)
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All of you are wrong, these methods work but here's the one that will work best, go onto daddies and buy an "oust speed kleen kit" take your bearing shields off(I use a needle to get under the rubber), follow the instructions, lube your bearings(I use cheetah oil, super fast and dirt doesn't attract to it as much) put a drop on each ball, close your bearings and you're done. Dispose of the fluid in the kit when you're done, be sure to use a towel or rag so you don't spill orange concentrate everywhere. You can buy more orange degreaser at Home Depot or lowes, it's all natural and cleans all the dirt and gunk out of your bearings.
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