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So my buddy Travis has been out of the skating for a while, and now he's staying with me for a while. Check out his Adam Colton Pro Paris trucks. I men they don't even sell these anymore! He has Orangatang 4presidents 83a he free rides, and grips with. Also a close up of my 76a Venom Cannibals and others. I will upload some videos of our progress later. Follow for coverage of this and more!
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I like my black trucks lol
those trucks r sick as fuck
Right?! He rides them way tighter than my downhill setup though but I'm still gonna give them a shot downhill. Travis likes it tight for downhill, sliding, and cruising. I don't know how he does it, but he rides it
I wish calibers had that design
That'd be dope. They need to come out with cool graphics stat!