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Frightening Croup !!!
Nothing more frightening that waking up to the dramatic sound of the stridors of the Croup in a small child. My grand-son had a very bad case of Croup and that lead us to use the excellent Korean National health system. Calling an ambulance at midnight (dial 119) the ambulance got to the house almost immediately, the paramedics were well trained and professional. My grand-son was taken to the emergency room of the Soon Chun Hyang University Hospital of Seoul. The care was excellent, as well as the follow up with the pediatrician and the cost, private pay, under US$ 300, including the x-rays and meds. !! Incredible. Thank God and a heart felt Thank you to the excellent care at the hospital; My grand-son is on his way to recovery. Kuddos to the National Health System of Korea of Seoul.
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I'm so happy to hear that such a frightening experience turned out well! It's good to know that there's such a solid, efficient health care structure in place even for foreigners in Seoul.