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San Francisco 49ers linebacker Ahmad Brooks reportedly took himself out of the game Sunday due to reduced playing time as a result of the return of Aldon Smith.The Niners won Sunday's game over the New York Giants 16-10. Brooks did not play in the second half and played only the first two-plus series. He confirmed after the game that he is healthy. "We're working through something," Niners coach Jim Harbaugh said. At his locker after the game, Brooks declined to comment on his situation. "I'm not taking questions today," he said. "Maybe later in the week. ... Yeah, we're working through something." Brooks started over Smith on Sunday but saw much of his playing time split. Also getting plays in the nickel package was Aaron Lynch. Brooks was previously at the center of a trade rumor that had him going to Cleveland last month. Still, Harbaugh indicated Brooks' roster spot was safe. "We need Ahmad Brooks to win a championship," he said. This is pretty ridiculous that any player would take himself out of a game just because he wasn't getting playing time. If I was the Niners staff I would waive him immediately or right after the period where teams can no longer pick up players for the playoffs.
All they care about is winning, no class.
@EightyNine niners are such pansies. They never discipline their players. Bunch of thugs
@DanteL Brooks apologized today so he'll stay there
Well the steelers dropped Blount. Are the niners going to drop Brooks now? Or is he too important?
The dudes got pride issues. I guess when you were once great, it's hard to let go of the fact that you're in the decline process of your career
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