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Enter to win a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Seoul, South Korea! --> RunatSeoul and the Seoul City Government want to send you on your dream trip to the incredible city of Seoul. By participating in RunatSeoul Week, you are entering yourself for a chance to win one of five incredible prizes straight from Seoul. Here is what you can win: ~ Grand Prize (1 person) Trip to Seoul! - this includes your airplane ticket, hotel, trip fee, etc ~ 2nd prize (2 people) Galaxy Note 4 ~ 3rd prize (4 people) Action camera GoPro 4 ~ 4th prize (5 people) Samsung Mirror-less camera NX mini 9mm/27mm ~ 5th prize (10 people) Kolon Sportswear T-shirts Here's how to enter: Sign up to be a controller here --> As a Controller, you will be watching five specially chosen runners through live broadcast and will be sending them on missions all over Seoul! Whatever you want to see or do in the city, they can take you there live with their cameras! If your missions get picked, you can be entered to win your dream trip to Korea! For more information on the prizes and how to apply -->
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i want to go to korea also...please.....
3 years ago·Reply
i want go to korea,pls grant my wish...i wnat to see a beatiful land of korea..
3 years ago·Reply
Grant my wish pls. when i was 10 years old my dreams is to go in seoul and now im 15 years old until now that was my dream.
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3 years ago·Reply
2nd prize please :))
3 years ago·Reply