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Markieff Morris records a career-high 30 points as well as seven rebounds to lead the Suns over the Celtics. The Suns are now 6-5 thanks to the play of largely Markief and their backcourt of Dragic, Bledsoe, Thomas, and Green. But do they have enough firepower to make the playoffs? Even though they are 6-5 they are in the ultracompetitive west and they are currently in 10th. They will hope that their youth and energy will allow them to overcome other teams and into the playoffs.
@goyo I think the only way that happens is if the Lakers win enough to fall out of the top 5 and the suns use their pick and luckily get an all star. Very unlikely however
@goyo do they have the cap space to put that off? Word out of Memphis is that gasol loves it there. Also heard the spurs are going to chase after him if he enters free agency
@ChickenNrice I am not so sure. They have a solid team. Could you imagine if they go get Gasol?... That would be a very scary team
@ChickenNrice I think they need a real star. They remind me of the old Rockets who had a lot of nice players, but kept striking out on getting that real superstar to put them over the edge
@goyo I think Bledsoe will be good. But I think the suns are still one player away from contending.
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