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This guy is a baller and I think he fell way too low in the draft. He's playing behind Chalmers and Cole right now but I think they found a gem in Napier. There's a reason that Lebron wanted him. The Heat are now 6-5 with their win over the Nets and are sitting in 6th place right now in the East. Surprisingly the Raptors are first in the East right now but I think the East will shake up much more than the West will.
@goyo sorry but I don't know how you can say the wiz are inexperienced but call the raptors experienced. Wizards made it to the 2nd round last year while the raptors didn't and the wiz made it to 6 games against last year's pacers. I don't see how wall is young still either. He led that team all year last year and led the league in assists. What else does he have to do?
Wall is still very young. And has barely any experience in the playoffs, and has no experience leading a contender. Beal is also young. They remind me of the Thunder way back when. Talented team who need a bit more seasoning
@goyo I don't really see how the wiz are young. They have Pierce, gortat, and nene who are veterans. Wall can no longer be considered young. Only young player is beal who is now in his 3rd year and onto porter who's a second year
@ChickenNrice I think this can be an ongoing bet lol I know that the Wiz are getting Beal back, but they are still too young with barely any experience. Last year, they were just happy to make it back to the playoffs. As far as the Bulls, can anyone really bet on them these days? I feel like they are one bad break from being a top 4, but not top team in the East. Miami is being annihilated since their torrid start. They fell back down to earth.
@lackies2000 I would be very surprised if the raptors finished in the top 3 even in the east. The wiz and Bulls are right up there with them and they are both suffering from injuries (rose and beal) and the cavs will sort through their issues as the season goes on. The raptors 2 losses came up against the Bulls and Miami, the 2 good teams on their schedule besides the wiz who they beat at home. They had a cupcake schedule and I think they'll be exposed soon.
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