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The hybrid of classic and laid back. Is men with long hair and full beard making a come back? After a series of roller coaster phase this men hair trend is marking a major trend for 2015 and beyond. David Beckham, Jared Leto, Harry Styles, Shia LaBeouf, and Leonardo diCaprio has sported one at some point or another. This is style is not for every men, but if you happen to be an ordinary masculine guy wanting to sport long hair, think about adding a beard to your look for extra points of masculinity. Though, before planning to grow it out you should probably be prepare to spend some time and products on hair care to avoid looking like a caveman. What are your thoughts? Would you sport this style?
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Sexy all the way! Long hair on a man (the right man) is my weakness.
Not my style but have seen it work well. Zlatan Ibahamovic is a great example of someone it works well on.
@cheerfulcallie I'm the opposite! Facial hair is not my thing, but long hair is great (as long as it's not longer than my hair)! lol
@stargaze hmm, I don't mind long hair if it's like a chin length I guess but that's far as I go then I'll be like babe, cut your hair. As for facial hair, it has to be nicely groomed or bare face is fine too, (*_*)
Man bun and beard! On a sexy face. Much drool!