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Zoë Zimmerman is a modern photographer who was raised in New Mexico and embraced a life of creativity, family, and strong community. Zoë's main focus as an artist as of recently is examining male behavior. She examines platonic intimacy, especially touch, and how societal and cultural biases set parameters for physical relationships. Zoë is well spoken about her project Of Men: Strength and Vulnerability so I will include her artist statement below: "I believe that men, particularly in American society, suffer from an unconscious bias against displays of platonic male affection. Men are uncomfortable in physical contact with each other unless that contact is aggressive. There is a pervasive pattern of touch isolation. It is rare that we see imagery of men engaged in nurturing physical contact with one another. Is this because masculine touch is most often interpreted as inherently sexual? Who is an adult male allowed to comfortably touch? Whether this paradigm is the cause of rampant homophobia or vice versa is unanswerable. My intention with the photographic study “Of Men” is to shine a light on this archetype; to raise the question rather than answer it."
Wow, this is awesome. Really makes you think about why you might feel uncomfortable seeing these photographs.
I love this. I feel like her message is really visually strong.