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Timber Presents: Gijs Schalkx in Tall order
By Timber boards. Enjoy!! Published on Jul 15, 2014The new video of our beloved two meter tall team rider Gijs. Trashing the Bison to a whole new level. Film and edit by the creative spirit: Kim Klunder Almost as hairy and crude as its creator Sietse Vliegen, we present: The Bison. Its large kicks have a rounded edge which allows for easier board-rotation, except in the middle, where the straight edge keeps it level for ollie's, no-comply's or other awesomeness. The flares protect this wide board from wheel bite with slightly larger wheels and also giving a great 'locking' feeling while sliding or charging headfirst into something. 'Cause that what Bison's do, son. Specifications Length: 115 cm With: 24 cm Setup: Timberboards Bison Orangatang the Keanu 86a Bearings Randall rII trucks
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