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Ive been wanting a new rod/reel for a while, I hit the water all the time, so I think the investment is worth its weight in fish. I am gonna hold out on the reel partially because I have the Quantum my Dad left me and I still love it and it performs, but it is getting old and would like an upgrade (also I want that shimano) but im gonna focus on rods now. I get out to a ton of different types of water and looking for something versatile. most of you who will respond know what I fish by now, but I have a very reel (lol) possibility of moving to NC so I know I need to get a durable rod, any suggestions, or what you "experts" use to bring in the hawgs?
@mcgraffy thats awesome.They are great I enjoy mine and they are not way outrageous in price as well.
I havent ever used a falcon. seems to be popular and reliable
I have a st. croix rage and also an abu garcia rod but I can't really remember which is because I don't use it much. Good luck on getting that shimano!
I use a falcon as well @eklamt never snapped one or anything and find them to be really reactive in all the ways I like
ill look into all of these. and yeah @yakwithalan put in a hood word with the higher ups for me hahaha.
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