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so im in buisness class and we are talkin about goals, so i said that i wanna land a 360 slide on a long board and hes like nah bruh get a skate board, almost flipped my desk and left. and hes my favorite teacher, but respect to him he used to be a skater and he was really good.but like , wow really nigga
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dam , good comebacks man
3 years ago·Reply
@BenAronov thanks bro
3 years ago·Reply
When people tell me to get a skateboard I'm just like,"oh fuck no! Long boarding is the shit!!".. I like skate boarding too, but I like long boarding way better.. You can do tricks on a longboard and it's a little more complicated and fun
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dude i got two longboards , a skate board and a penny, i love all riding, but come on, longboard ownssssss
3 years ago·Reply
I agree with you man
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