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If romeo and Juliette Never loved and never met The danger of love I'd soon forget And I'm not sure, If for them, I'd be in thanks or in regret. When we wear our hearts on sleeves of lace They're bound to get ripped and torn out of place. I couldn't look back to mend the tear I'm sure the threads were too frayed to even repair. Even if they weren't why would you think a garment of holes and stitches is something I'd like to wear? Can I just have childhood innocence? Instead of having to reminisce Of the perfected lace I love and miss. No. If you haven't learned the answer to this I beg for your sanity to crawl out of the crevice Where it got placed by your hands of careless. You think that's a good place to put your mind at ease? Let me enlighten you on this childhood you want to go back to see. When you snuck out at dark to look for shooting stars You went back inside to the sight of street lights and cars. When you looked for four-leafed clovers in the mid day sun You turned around having never found one. When you searched for endings to rainbows where they stopped somewhere on the ground You turned around having one never found. When you were falling from the monkey bars Having made tiny tears and tiny scars You traveled back in to your bed No night light on, no story read Remember from here that toy you always kept And its lullaby that always played at night before you slept One day ceased its song for good So stay here in this broken present exactly where you should.
@greggr I'm glad that caught your attention! I was hoping it would show people the distinction and transition between the one side of myself asking the questions in a sort of impractical mindset and the other other side of my self answering those questions realistically.
We can't always find the things we search for....four leaf clovers, rainbows, and more. I guess it is enough to just stay, like you said
The strongest point in this poem, in my eyes, is the shortest line: "No." The pause of emotions rushing, the change of pace between stanzas, and the simply solidarity of the fact make it a very nice addition to the piece.