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Painted for the first time. It was my first try painting any board, and I wanted to minimize the risk by working with this. I suggest Elmer's or Painters paint marker (unless you feel like spray painting but that can become a very tedious job). Those are two great brands. Ended up changing the hardware (different colors--you can use nail polish for that). After this, I ended up touching up my longboard's old scratched up trucks, and they worked pretty well.
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@mpoblete way to go I don't usually like penny boards but this one is dope
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@IanRichardson Thanks man! It's the Penny space series, and this college boy really needed the $ so he gave it to me for $40. It came with Bones Swiss bearings which were practically new, so I bought it and put the much needed new bearings on my longboard. :)
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Nice man. Score!
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Thanks dude!
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that looks nice!
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