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Monster High

Monster High is a collection of dolls that are the children of the popular "old school" monsters. Dracula, The Wolfman, Frankenstein and others are the parents of these high schoolers. My 5 year old loves Monster High and after researching projects, homemade furniture and accessories, I found that there is a growing community of Monster High fans, both adult and children that make customized furniture and accessories, as well as modified dolls and even modeled photography. Unlike Barbie and other dolls of the like, Monster High sends the message that nobody is perfect, friends and families are most important, school is the best place to be and an overall idea of self esteem. "You may have flaws, but so do others. Accept yourself and others as they are." That message is repeated throughout the movies, webisodes and even on the boxes and booklets that come with the dolls. I think that a community on Vingle will help connect more fans of Monster High. I hope to see lots of projects, furniture, clothing, housing, and dolls on this community.
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