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crappie fishing is a very different kind of fishing but in the winter when the water gets below 50 Fahrenheit those crappie stack up in the brush piles in any where from 7 feet or more you can catch these on bobby garlend jigs which are my favorite they come in a variety of colors along with getting 1/16 ounce jig heads pink is my favorite I tie my own jigs as well they work great just find colors they like I fish out at lake Weatherford Texas to catch these slabs tomorrow seems like a good day so tight lines y'all time to rig up
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looking good @GageSouder . I'm with @@yakwithalan . Got ice but waiting til weekend to try it .
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@BrianMcNeeley good luck to you too buddy!
3 years ago·Reply
@@mcgraffy . will post my pics if everything goes well . Been asking the water spirits to b nice to me . Let's hope it works lol Tight line . time to head to work .
3 years ago·Reply
@GageSouder yep everything slows down and gets bigger for me when I need to catch in that temperature range I think
3 years ago·Reply
@BrianMcNeeley Tight lines! Have a good day again today.
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