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So remember that muirskate free stickers post i put up..i did it and got my stickers today! So for those who like to sticker bomb their boards or juss like to collect them..juss verifying that muirskate really does the self envelope free sticker!!! yayyy!!
@original99 u go to and look at the left side of the page then click free stickers
@ApolloSkating i only sticker bomb my board...and what i like about that is that i can sand the deck out and do a new design whenever i get tired of all the stickers haha and i like to stickerbomb places when i go cruising so i can never get enough stickers! haha
thanks @pangzoo10 ill will definitely try it
@TonyDeanda i got my free u should deff do the muirskate free stickers! i told u i would let u know so here it is :)
its all good no worries
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