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Anyone notice that some guys on here are snobs?! There's guys that love riding longboards and guys that just love the sound of there own voice and the "my opinion is the right one because it's mine" guys. I don't profess to be the fastest stylish or anything when I post a card about me so why do some people feel the need to tell me I should do this or should do that or I'm doing it wrong. Unless I asked if I'm doing it wrong I don't give a fuck! I'm having fun n that's what counts! There's nobody "better" than the other just different maybe but that's what makes us so unique. Some people need to live and let live and if they have that much spare time to criticise other people on there choices then it's obvious there missing something out of there own lives to take time out to criticise others. Let's love live laugh dance sing skate surf and whatever makes you smile because that's what it's about. Where all here for a good time! Not a long time!
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The top percentage of people who know the most about longboarding or anything else for that matter tend to come off as snobs. I think there is definitely a difference between giving advice and being a snob, that all has to do with how you present the information to someone and whether they are looking for advice in the first place. I agree that we can all just be nicer to each other so we can better enjoy talking about what we love, longboarding.
I'm not gonna lie, but when people get arrogant, it can become discouraging to others, and I think it is so sad to make someone feel that way, especially when the advice IS solicited, and they get negative feedback instead of support. I guess girls can feel this way more so than guys, because men tend to underestimate women. The way I see it, women can't skate as long as dudes can (menopause = calcium issues = hips breaking much sooner than their counter parts), so women should just give it 100%, go hard and shred asphalt while they still can, and stay positive. Sorry this comment went a little in depth but I was seriously thinking about this all day!
@mpblete That's a good point and something we should address. I know from experience that girls shred, but I do see the negative stereotypes associated with girl skaters/longboarders. I think it would do us good to equal the playing field and not associate skill level with gender at all, and not associate skill level with value to the community. Everyone is part of the community here and no one is more deserving than another.
A world full of girls will disagree with you there @mpoblete Men are biologically and sociologically at a disadvantage from the time they’re conceived to the time they die, Females are tougher in utero Women are less likely to be daredevils Women succumb to heart disease later in life Women have stronger social networks Women take better care of their health and women live longer in general so by that it looks like they'll be able to skate longer than we will dude