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Fishing at night in the hot summer month of August is always a big point made my those giving advice (and I've definitely said the same myself). But night time is when it's hard to see, and some predators come out, so it can be a difficult affair. Fishing from a kayak at night is not without its dangers, but it is in some ways, much safer than other ways of fishing. When fishing at night, there are some tips you should try to follow: - Wear your PFD. Always. Even in day. - Take a buddy! - Don't fish waters you don't know well. - Bring a GPS for avoiding rocks and bad waters, a radio in case you get separated or need to receive important updates, and a good light. - Use your lures that are easiest to handle, and don't use a baitcaster if you're not used to it! You won't want to be - When targeting largemouth, try topwater lures. Also, spinnerbaits and weightless worms can be great fun to fish at night! - Try spots you know to be dead during the day! They can come alive at night.
Nice fish!
Seems like shore vs boat vs kayak night fishing all got pretty similar tips!! You ever think of using some lights to attack the fish (pending what you're targeting, of course)? @yakwithalan
@KawikaAfelin Trying to help everyone learn the basis! lol if you have anything to add let me know, or I can clip to this collection of "yak angling basics" i'm working on!!
This is awesome.
@JoshuaVue Yep it sure is!!! @CaseyJohnson me too
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