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The streets are made of puzzle The buildings have a tilt Every flower made of paper So we can never see one wilt. Every human drawn on paper But I drew them all divine. Faces made of spots and dots And squiggly little lines. They needed a house So I cut one out And made my work precise. The front door made of cardboard And the pillars made of dice. I took some glitter and sprinkled it Til the whole town had a shine. These human beings are just like us Living without voices as if we were mimes.
I love the playful serious juxtaposition here with the ending bringing us back to serious matters after the rhymes.
The image of paper flowers that never wilt stuck with me :) But what happens when it rains?
@KaitlynnJanae Yep, one of those solutions will have to work XD
@onesmile I guess we better remember to bring our flowers inside! or use a really slick paper :P
@greggr I also don't normally like poems with strong rhyming schemes but I think it works here to add a certain day dreamy light hearted feeling, but then the last lines we're meant to draw you away from that and see the reality instead of the dream. One of my favorite poems ever uses a strong rhyming scheme that works really well for the poem. its called How Did You Die by Edmund Vance Cooke.
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