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Never Summer?!

okay, so is anyone else as big a fan of NS as I am? I got the brand new Commander complete and I've totally fallen in love (with the exception of NEEDING to buy new wheels 'Seismic Bootleg' because the factory ones wouldn't slide at all) I had always leaned more towards Sec9 until I actually bought this for myself. A good friend of mine kept talking Never Summer up because he bought the Reaper (also so rad) and when i went to the shop, it was such a toss-up between the 9two5 but the Commander is an all around great ride and if you're into sliding, the Commander will do you more then justice ;)
i have the clutch and im in love with it! Never summer!!! whoo! haha
and you can't beat those grab rails!!
thanks guys! the hooligan is so sick bro.. I loved the graphic but just didn't really dig the feel and design of the deck though. the Admiral was amazing though @ericdavis
The reaper omfg <3 I got to talk with the never summer guys at the pikes peak dh race in September too, and they're super rad
looks sick
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