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Are you about to launch into fatherhood? Not sure if all the advice books and columns and motherhood apply quite as well to your future experience as a dad? Well, one writer on Parenting set out to create the Ultimate Collection of Advice for Fathers, or Dadvice, by distilling lessons learned from years of interviewing pediatricians, OB-GYNs, couples and family counselors, child psychiatrists, neonatal nurses, teachers, EMTs, nutritionists, sex experts, celebrities and everyday moms and dads. This online resource created by Shawn Bean, linked here, includes "90 tips and tricks, do’s and don’ts, try-this’s and skip-that’s, for every stage of fatherhood." Here are some of the highlights: 2. A dad is born nine months before a baby is born. The job starts when the pregnancy test displays a plus sign. 3. Cream cheese and cottage cheese are okay for pregnant women. Brie and feta are not. 5. Ask your doctor about circumcision before making a decision. 6. Learn how to make a good mocktail. 7. Handle the litter box. Kitty litter is toxic to pregnant women. 8. Keep the gas tank at least half full during the last week of pregnancy. 9. Find a good take-out restaurant near the hospital. 11. Take more days that you’re given for paternity leave. Your company won’t fight it. It’s bad PR for them. 12. Buy a newspaper the day he’s born. 14. Wash your hands. 16. Take every blanket, pacifier and formula packet they give you at the hospital. You paid for it. 17. Your baby’s first poop will resemble crude oil. Don’t freak out. 18. Imagine being hired as a pilot with no training. “Here’s the cockpit. Good luck getting to Houston.” That’s what it’s like coming home with a newborn. And it’s like that for everyone. 21. For poop stains, sunlight acts like Shout spray. 24. Don’t attempt sex until four to six weeks after delivery day. 25. Meat tenderizer works on breast milk stains. 26. When you’re sponge-bathing the baby, don’t forget the folds. 30. Go big on Mother’s Day. Every year. 31. When the sex starts up again, use lube. 35. If your baby is formula-fed, that means you take a night shift too. (**my note: Even when your baby is breastfed, you can take a night shift. At 4-5 weeks old, a baby can start to take a breast-milk bottle. One bottle a night can help a mom get some sleep. You can also get up with the breastfeeding mom and change the baby's diaper while she gets comfortable for nursing, then bring her the baby, some water and some things to do before going back to bed**) 37. Talk to your baby. A lot. Narrate your day. 38. If your stroller doesn’t have a cup holder, get one. It’s easier to coordinate a moon landing that steer a stroller with one hand. 41. Travel with an extra set of clothes. Both for you and the kid. 42. Baby crying? Hold him against your chest facing out, and do knee bends. Works every time. 44. A kid’s childhood does not need to be luxurious perfection. Aim for pleasurable survival. 65. Spending time with your kid is not called babysitting. 66. Washable markers only. 70. Tell your partner “thank you.” A lot. And let your children hear you say it. 75. There is a big difference between asking your child “What did you like most about the museum?” and “You liked the museum, didn’t you?” 84. Sending them to their room for punishment is a waste a time. Pick a spot with no entertainment value. 86. Don’t let them wear flip-flops on the playground. 87. The “stranger danger” talk will kinda freak them out, but you need to do it anyway. 89. Wash your hands.